We are your contract sales person who loves to cold call and your resource for teaching others to do the same

who we are

If you need more sales leads, we can help.

Whether you need contract sales people to find sales for you or your own staff needs some retooling, Initial Call can help you assess your sales problems and find a solution.

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what we do well

You can rent our highly skilled sales team to:

  • Find qualified sales leads (we love to cold call)
  • Perform test calls for new products
  • Conduct surveys
  • Diagnose your sales people's training needs
  • Teach you what we know how to do

rave reviews

What our customers are saying about us:

Brother International Corp:  Initial Call provided inside sales training and assisted with a successful appointment setting program for the company.

Labhart Miles:  Initial Call generated new business for Labhart Miles by cold calling prospective customers.

JustGoodNews.Biz:  Initial Call helped JGN prepare for a trade show by creating interest in their booth through prospecting calls.

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