A lot of sales executives feel it's difficult to grow their sales, and this worry is keeping them up late at night.  We provide a simple but effective system to generate sales leads, so you can sleep well at night, knowing that you have a thriving business.

If you need help with sales, it's time to speak to Initial Call. Whether you need help training your own sales people to build more business or you want us to call companies for you, Initial Call's high-caliber sales consultants are top-notch.



We learn about your goals and methods.



We create a customized sales manual for you.



You start attending great sales meetings.




full package



In the Full Package, we guide you through the discovery process, create a sales playbook for your business, and then we make 100 hours of calls to set you up with awesome meetings. Yes, it is as simple as that. 



playbook option


In the playbook option, we guide you through the discovery process, create your sales playbook, and provide training and coaching for your team to grow sales for your company. This is the base fee for the playbook option, and the price can increase depending on the training and coaching requested. 

A lot of businesses who create sales leads make you commit to a long-term contract with them, and your company moves only as quickly as they do. To guarantee success, Initial Call has created a no-commitment option for you. If you determine we are not the best way for you to generate new clients, you can end the contract then and there. We make this guarantee because Initial Call is committed to providing our clients with the best in B2B consulting solutions. We are here to help your life become easier, not more challenging. We offer solutions that will make you feel energized to do the work you love.

Catherine Brown

Founder & Principal

Catherine Brown founded Initial Call in 2002. As the firm's president, she manages all aspects of its sales consulting practice.

Before starting Initial Call, Catherine was with Cambridge Technology Partners  holding positions in marketing, sales and recruiting.  In addition to regularly exceeding hiring quotas as a recruiter, she was promoted to Account Manager, where she sold consulting services for the central United States region, growing her sales territory to deliver millions of dollars in consulting services.

Catherine has a B.A. from Rice University in Houston and has completed advanced courses in Solution Selling/Customer Centric Selling and Target Account Selling methodology. She is certified by the Behavioral Sciences Research Press to identify and interpret Sales Call Reluctance® in individuals.

Catherine is a regular speaker for entrepreneur forums, helping business owners to have confidence in their abilities to sell regularly and with success. Catherine and her husband, Ryan, have two teen-aged boys and call both Oklahoma and Texas home. 

What type of people does Initial Call use? 
We retain experienced sales professionals who have proven success in B2B sales and demonstrated their ability to be successful in a virtual environment. We source our people in several ways. The majority are referred by other Initial Call consultants or by our clients and go through a rigorous interview process. They work from their own offices and are closely supervised by an Initial Call project manager. We do not operate a call center.

How many sales appointments can I expect? 
Because each sales campaign is unique, the number of meetings will vary depending on how difficult it is to reach a targeted executive, the complexity of the message, and the receptiveness of the market. Scheduling a qualified sales meeting can take anywhere from 2 to 40 sales calling hours. Complex sales can require at least 20 calling hours to yield one qualified sales prospect. We typically recommend a discovery or trial engagement to provide baseline metrics.

Does Initial Call offer a commission-only or "pay for performance" model?
Initial Call eliminates your risk in that we offer our clients the ability to cease services at any time.  We don’t lock our clients into pre-paid, lengthy contracts.  Initial Call’s main competition is the internal hire. If you are considering developing your own team, Initial Call may be the perfect alternative. We can work within the budget you have set for an employee. Because qualified sales appointments are only one of the many deliverables we provide, we do not have meeting or opportunity-based compensation. Our pricing model is based on an all-inclusive flat fee.