Even A Pro Gets Nervous

by Catherine Brown, President Initial Call

I was meeting with a friend yesterday who had attended an ExtraBold sales training course in Oklahoma City earlier this year and he shared that of all the new concepts he learned in the class, one of the most helpful ideas he took away from the workshop was knowing that when he feels nervous in performing sales activities, he knows he’s not alone. Everyone gets nervous while promoting something sometimes. Why is it that we think our problems are unique and our struggles are not universal to the human race? 

I tend to believe these myths also, believing I’m the only one who thinks that when a prospect doesn’t return my phone call, it means that they are annoyed that I reached out to them, assuming the prospect doesn’t like me and they think my services are dumb. I wrongly believe that after so many years in sales, I shouldn’t get nervous. These ideas just aren’t true! The more I train people who promote various products and services, the more I see that we are all the same: we all think that no one else worries about what worries us. 

When someone doesn’t call you back or email you back or text you back, the silence means they are busy. Silence doesn’t mean your service stinks or that you’re not smart or that your mission isn’t worth promoting. Silence means people are busy. Silence is neutral. Silence isn’t bad. We have to begin to believe that it’s possible that we believe things about ourselves and our work in sales that just aren’t true. 

There are many reasons that people believe things that aren’t true. Perhaps you’ve rehearsed a script over and over in your head that says something like, “Don’t bother people. They won’t be interested in what you’re doing.” Perhaps you’ve had a negative experience with a pushy, insensitive salesperson as a customer and swore you’d never be like THEM, and now you find yourself in a sales role (surprise!). There are 100 reasons we believe what we believe but I am here to tell you, everyone feels nervous while selling and you are in good company.