5 Things That Won't Happen at One of Our Workshops

by Juliana Dixon, Social Media & Marketing

It takes guts to admit when there’s a problem. Sometimes we don’t even know there is a problem until someone points it out to us. That’s what our workshops and testing do, open your eyes to ways your thoughts about sales are affecting your sales behaviors which in turn affect your sales outcomes. By addressing the root issue, your thoughts about sales, we can set you on the path to improved sales habits and even improve sales outcomes. With that in mind, here is what won’t happen at one of our half-day ExtraBold sales training workshops:

  1. You won’t get a list of tactics that promise big bucks or endless clients. You probably have been to plenty of seminars like that and you know what needs to get done you’re just struggling to do it or maybe you’re trying what you’ve been told to do and still not seeing sales. At our workshop you will learn about yourself and the role your personality and tendencies play in sales results.
  2. You won’t hear lectures that really don’t apply to your specific sales situation. You will learn all about the strengths and weaknesses that combine to make you the salesperson you are and you will learn strategies to reform your weaknesses and how to play to your strengths.
  3. You won’t be a bored wallflower. In these ExtraBold workshops, we get personal. We share struggles and we share successes. We laugh together and when it all clicks and you begin to understand yourself, you might shed a tear or two of joy. You’ll be surrounded by reluctant salespeople just like yourself who are beginning to be enlightened about how their thinking contributes to their sales outcomes.
  4. You won’t go away hungry… at least not in your belly! We include a light breakfast and, yes, it is satisfying. However, you will find yourself hungry to get back to the glorious work of sales now that you understand yourself better. You’ll find new enthusiasm and appreciation for your role and your ability.
  5. You won’t go away empty handed. You’ll have your unique Sales Preference QuestionnaireⓇ results that you can refer back to anytime you want. Plus, we’ve got training material you can really use (not just toss in the recycling), designed to help you improve as a salesperson. Not only that, but the workshops are a great way to find like-minded people with whom you can forge friendships and accountability.

Now that you know what to expect, what’s to keep you from coming? Click here for upcoming dates and to register. Deadlines are coming soon!