One More Way to Rock Your Job in Sales

by Juliana Dixon, Social Media & Marketing

Sweaty palms? Dry mouth? Racing heartbeat? All are potential symptoms of Promotion Obstacles which are so common among salespeople. Promotion Obstacles are ways of thinking, or behaviors, which keep us from telling other people about our company like we should. As you may have heard, we’re now offering training to overcome those obstacles with our ExtraBold Sales workshops. Catherine has been leading these for over a year now. A few months ago, she invited former attendees to join her on Facebook for more accountability and real world tips but now she wants to invite everyone regardless of workshop attendance! Here are a few of her more popular posts-

  • "When feeling fearful or nervous, we start deciding that no response from potential customers means something other than ‘they are busy.’ Don't start deciding for your prospects by giving up your outreach too early!”
  • "Trying to ignore negative thoughts doesn't work. Own it and move forward.”
  • “I could create an advanced degree today in things to do that take up your day but are non-Revenue Generating Activities! Resist the pull, people!”
  • “Good morning, ExtraBold promoters! If you are like me, you are juggling wrapping up the sales work that can realistically be finished before the holidays really kick in and finishing getting your own household ready for this coming weekend. I'd encourage you to take a few minutes each day, maybe 15-20 minutes, and make your notes to set up your "to dos" for getting in touch with people you want to call... Get your data in order and set tasks for yourself so when you sit down to work, you feel organized and ready to jump into those Revenue Generating Activities!”

Want more? Join the conversation and be sure to watch her live videos on topics such as Generosity and Behavioral Self-Handicapping here and start rocking your job in sales.