Two Kinds of Busyness to Avoid

by Juliana Dixon, Social Media & Marketing

Summer is here for most of us and schedules can get full rather quickly. Kids have camps, summer jobs, and activities that require you to take them across town. Yard work has to get done. Volunteering obligations are ongoing. Pool parties, vacation planning, and summer blockbusters demand attention. And all of this piles up in addition to your 8 hour work day. Yeah, somewhere in there you still have to eat and sleep. 

This kind of busyness is not a unique part of the human condition. It is rather normal and to be expected. When this kind of busyness keeps you from healthy human relationships and regular necessary commitments, it should be a signal that something is wrong.

However, many times we use it as an excuse- “Sorry I’m late. I’m so busy these days.” Some of us even have that friend who is perpetually delayed by this busyness so that you build their busyness into your schedule and just plan on a delay or cancellation every time you're going to see them. 

Do you see how this hurts relationships both business and personal? If nothing in your schedule can give, you must keep on top of your level of procrastination. Don’t sit on the couch at 9:30PM for another episode when you could save yourself 15 minutes by putting tomorrow’s lunch together now. Or, as Catherine pointed out recently, don’t make that phone call 5 minutes before you should be pulling out of the driveway. Keeping track of your own busyness allows you more time for the people and things that matter more in life.

But there is another kind of busyness salespeople have to battle in the workplace and that is any activity that keeps them from doing the sales tasks they know they should do. Often those tasks are related to prospecting and are the ones that generate revenue. Instead we tend to busy ourselves with maintaining our Facebook contacts, reading our ever-growing Twitter feed, answering emails, straightening our desks, organizing our schedules… anything except the things we really should be doing. This is why we post fairly regularly about procrastination on our social media sites. 

These other tasks, while no doubt important and work related, really should take a back seat when there is work to be done which will actually bring in your paycheck. Once you have a prospecting plan in place, do it! Don’t wait! There is nothing gained by waiting. When you’ve worked through your plan, give yourself a little reward and do it again! Follow up with people, and keep trying to get through because, just like you, they have all the busyness to deal with too.