Ever Wish You Had a Sales Coach?

by Elisabeth Hodges, Project Manager

I love working with really smart people don’t you? If you were to look at my StrengthsFinder Profile you would see that my number one strength is “Relator.” Please forgive me, you brilliant folks at Gallup, but I think the term is a little misleading. It doesn’t mean I like to be surrounded by people or that I have an endless list of friends, it means I thrive on being a part of small excellent team. I am by nature driven to surround myself with people I can bounce ideas off of, compare progress with, ask what they would do in my situation. And that spans everything from my health and fitness goals to my business objectives.

As a sales professional or business owner do you wish you had someone you could bounce ideas off of when a deal seems to be going south? Do you wonder what to do to give your calling a boost?

In recent years, the presence and availability of professional coaching has been on the rise in nearly every professional setting and has shown a significant return on investment for companies and individuals. Initial Call is expanding our ExtraBold sales support services to include personal coaching and beyond. In early 2016 Initial Call launched ExtraBold, a call reluctance workshop, helping people understand their results from the questionnaire and learn how they can change the way they think about sales and the way they perceive themselves as they cold call. Now we are incorporating personalized sales coaching.

ExtraBold sales coaching can help you strengthen your scripts, improve the way you function daily, help you ditch any bad sales habits or self defeating beliefs and much more. How do we accomplish this? 

It starts with Initial Call Sales Professionals meeting with smart salespeople and business owners just like yourself and getting to know your sales situation, your sales psychology and helping you to find strategies to improve how you interact with prospects and improve how you sell. We want to help shift you from the conceptual information you gain from the survey and the workshop, to concrete activities that will strengthen your daily sales activities. We pull together a small coaching group of approximately ten (10) sales people, entrepreneurs or business people just like you that agree to work together virtually as a group and individually for twelve (12) weeks. We have six (6) group sessions: one every two weeks and then on the alternating weeks you meet with a coach individually to work on your specific areas of interest or desired personal growth. We are getting some great feedback from our participants. 

“I gained some vital tools to take with me that will improve our sales tactics and strengthen my personal sales skills.”

“I really appreciated having other sales people to bounce ideas off of and get their suggestions on situations that had me temporarily stumped.”

”I am truly amazed at how much I have changed my daily sales behaviors in just a couple of months. I feel much more productive.”

“It was refreshing to hear that I am not the only one struggling with some of these sales issues.”

What I have enjoyed most about this approach is that while individual coaching can help you reach your key sales objectives and bolster your activity, productivity, and effectiveness; the input from an engaged group of peers can take you beyond that. Coaching gives you a connection to other sales and business professionals where it is safe and productive to bounce your sales dilemmas off another person, get ideas outside of your current point of view and brainstorm new sales solutions.

Our next ExtraBold workshop is on August 26th. Join us for that class and the following coaching! Let’s see what we can do together.