Having an Attitude of Gratitude

While there are circumstances in life and work which seem to strive their best to bring us down, we choose to remember those things we’re thankful for. Science says there is value in seeking to be grateful. With that mindset, here are some statements of gratitude and thankfulness that we’ve reflected on this year. We hope as you read you’ll not only get to know us, but also be inspired to make your own list and focus on those good things this season. Happy Thanksgiving!

“I am grateful that I like everyone with whom I work; many other people don't like their boss or their co workers and I'm grateful for such enjoyable, bright, talented people with whom I can walk through life. I'm grateful that my family is healthy and that they love the work they are doing. I'm grateful for slow times at work that allow us time to slow down and write and think.” Catherine Brown, President

“My family has had a big year with selling our house and a cross country move so I’m very thankful to be on the other side of it! I’m grateful for the wonderful opportunity I have in working with such thoughtful and kind people and the flexibility it allows. And, right now at this very minute, I’m especially grateful for cooler weather and pretty fall leaves!” Jolly Dixon, Social Media & Marketing

“Professionally 2016 marks my seventh year of working for Initial Call and with Catherine Brown...I am thankful for a job that is full of diversity and I am grateful for a professional journey that has allowed me to partner and work beside bright energetic people who are dedicated to excellence...I am also grateful for my good fortune in having amazing clients with creative businesses and the drive to grow those businesses. I recognize it is a rarity to partner with colleagues and customers that welcome new ideas and enjoy creating strategic sales solutions and I am so thankful.

Personally it has been an amazing year full of change and and unexpected events. I started out 2016 with a fairly small family of one beautiful adult daughter, one loving adult son an amazing daughter-in-law and one precocious grandson. I am closing out 2016 with a daughter, a son, a daughter-in-law, three step daughters, one step-son, one step-son-in-law and nine, that’s right nine grand children ages 4-17. My life looks absolutely nothing like it did a year ago or is at all what I expected. And I am shocked, amazed and so very thankful.” Elisabeth Hodges, Project Manager

“I’m thankful for having the flexibility to do a variety of work I enjoy. Every day is different, so I'm never bored! I’m thankful that my kids are getting older and more independent. They are growing up and sooner than I realize they'll away at college. I'm just not sure if I'll be thankful when they start driving or terrified! I’m grateful for my ‘tribe’-- friends and family -- who I share celebrations and sorrows with. It is a gift to be surrounded by to many people I love and who I know love me.” April Karli, Webmaster

“I am thankful for a husband who lives a Christ centered life and lives his life as an example of what it means to have a daily walk with Christ. I am thankful that my children have grown to be faithful followers of Christ and live by example at college, I am thankful for all the great things that they continue to accomplish at the University of Missouri. I am thankful for the life that Initial Call has allowed me to have, one that allows me to work and use my skills and also be at home to handle all of the family manager duties and raise my kids.” Laura Killough, Sales Manager

"Of all of the many things I'm grateful for, at the top of my list is my education. Critical thinking skills and educational curiosity fostered by GREAT teachers have served me well... For me, my education is the fundamental thing that has afforded me all of the opportunities I've had, the people I've met and the adventures I've experienced. It's always been clear to me that I "own" my own perspective; that it's my responsibility to defend my thoughts, actions and beliefs. An open mind and critical thinking skills are the foundation of sound, informed decisions. The kind of decisions that impact a lifetime. My life is measurably better because my education was outstanding and I appreciate it every single day." Barbara Lacke, Project Manager

“I am thankful for good, and I mean *good*, coffee.
I am thankful for the sounds of the ocean.
I am thankful for the variety of friends I have in my life.” Gail Straughn, Office Manager