Is Sales As Scary As Halloween?

by Juliana Dixon, Social Media & Marketing

Halloween isn’t my cup of tea. While I totally love the candy aspect of it, I’m not into being scared for fun. Haunted houses and scary rides get crossed of my list of things to do in October before they’re even on the list. Can that happen? I think it can. How do I know I don’t like those things though? Well, I’ve been through enough of them to know! There is one thing that is pretty great about being scared- the huge relief when it’s over and you’re ok! Could it be like this in sales?

When it’s Halloween, I can choose to avoid the scary things. However, we can’t avoid aspects of our job which we may find scary. If we don’t pick up the phone, ask for the referral, write that email, or make that presentation, we’re not going to close business and we’re not going to put food in our fridge. If everyone gets nervous (or even fearful sometimes) about some part of their work, then our response to that feeling makes all the difference. Are we going to avoid the situation as best as we can or are we going to face it head on?

The key to a right response is changing the way we think about what is making us fearful. At a haunted house, I have to remind myself that it isn’t real. On sales calls, we can remind ourselves that our customers need our product and that we are helping them by selling to them. We can remind ourselves that getting in touch with some people may take several tries and that isn’t being pushy, people are just busy. When we reframe our thinking, it becomes easier to do those things we once found difficult or even fearful.

When you experience that relief in sales, when you finally get through to the person you’re wanting to reach, when you get the referral you asked for… that bravery is motivating! And I guess that’s why people love haunted houses too. They’ve been brave and have overcome fear. Working on our sales fears is no different than getting up the nerve to get on a spooky ride. We just have to work on changing the way we think and that changes what we do. The relief and feeling of accomplishment on the other side is glorious.