5 Reasons Why Prospects Don't Call Back

by Juliana Dixon, Social Media & Marketing

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve had a facelift! We think our new website is easier to use and cleaner. One new feature is links to our social media platforms at the bottom of each page. In fact, we’ve added a new button for Vimeo.

We’ve had our Vimeo channel for a while, but it has was largely unused until recently. We have added videos with helpful tips salespeople can start using today. The most recent one was added just last week. It is entitled 5 Reasons Why Prospects Don’t Call Back. While it’s not uncommon to have a prospect fail to return a call, email, or text, it can be discouraging. Salespeople often internalize the event and begin to take it as a personal rejection which leads to the decision to not try to reach that prospect again. That misstep leads to lost income. In this short video (just over 4 minutes) Catherine reminds us of the five most common reasons this happens so we can change that internal dialogue and try again!

Go check out the video and happy prospecting!