What To Do When Your Brain Says "I Don't Wanna..."

by, Herschel Thompson, our guest blogger for the next few weeks. Herschel is a Business Developer at bfac.com

The beach is awesome. Our family just got back from a week at an uncrowded white sand beach and it was truly rejuvenating, refreshing, and life-saving (my father-in-law’s blood pressure set some record lows while we were there.) However, I don’t live at the beach…so, reality hit on Monday after vacation when I was paralyzed to start making calls. I’m a salesman, so no calls = no income. I was definitely motivated to get calling, but still couldn’t do it.

I’m not sure if you argue with yourself like I do, but I’m pretty good at it. “Donuts? No! I mean, maybe…okay, YES!” Despite the best of intentions on the Path to Success (see my last blog), I still make choices that lead me down the easy road…the road of non-revenue generating activities. The conversation in my head sounds like this: “Make the call! Later…after I read the mail, or catch up on social media, or after a snack…”

One great tool that the ExtraBold Sales coaching team has had me work on is the “Thought Realignment Log.”  It is copyrighted, so I can’t share too much of the actual questions, but it walks you through the details of your pending bad decision, realigns your decisions with your goals and motivations, diverts obstacles, and sets you on the right path. 

Since I was having some severe problems launching back into work after vacation, I pulled out my Thought Realignment Logs and starting thinking through my stall tactics and addressing them one by one. I challenged the negative thoughts, created a better vision and plan, then…made 20% more calls that day than I had planned on!

If you’re stalling, self-doubting, or just remembering time at the beach, creating a framework for moving forward despite yourself is critical to overcome the ‘back from the beach’ blues. But you have to have tools in place.

How do you get motivated or realign your negative thoughts and get to work?