One Crazy-Successful Way to Reach New Clients


By Catherine Brown, President

If you’ve read through some of our free material or attended any of my in-person training, you know one of the things I often say is, “Don’t give up too soon!”

I have read, and found from my own experiences in working with entrepreneurs, that most business owners reach out to a potential customer just one or two times before they give up trying to make a connection… only 1 or 2 times!  After that, the owner usually gives up trying to reach the potential client and dejectedly moves on down their list to their next potential client, never reaching the person they intended.

At this point, I know you’re probably thinking, “Well, Catherine, two times IS enough. I do this because I don’t want to bother anybody or seem pushy.” The truth is, no one wants to be that stereotypical aggressive sales person, and yet, we have to bring in new customers or clients to prevent our businesses from going under. If we aren’t gaining new customers all the time, we are at risk of losing our dream business.

What if I told you I have discovered a way to reach out to people as many as 7-10 times and never feel like a bother?

The key is to vary your methods. Sit for a minute and think of the different ways you can reach someone. How many different emails and phone numbers do you have? Have you tried a text? Do you know someone who can introduce you to them? Do you have a physical address where you can send a note? Have you found them on LinkedIn? Make that list. I bet you can think of many different ways to reach someone. Varying your methods of communication will help you to not feel like a bother.

It doesn’t make financial sense to work so hard to figure out the right person to contact and give up on reaching them so quickly. It’s time to stop giving up so soon!

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