How to Reach your Dream Client Even if you Hate the Phone

Many people dislike using the phone to reach new business clients. However, good preparation and a plan can reduce the reluctance to use the phone. With consistency and practice, you can overcome that feeling of not wanting to pick it up, and you will also be setting yourself apart from your competitors who avoid the phone.

Now, let’s be real: people hesitate to answer calls from numbers they don’t recognize. We know this is a fact… we even do it ourselves! So, why use the phone as a tool to try to reach people we haven’t met yet? The telephone remains a key way to reach out to potential clients when phone calls are used in rotation with other methods of reaching out. Until you know the person better, you don’t know if leaving messages on voicemail, using LinkedIn or Facebook, or texting them is their preferred method of communication. The phone is still a great way to begin and establish good communication.

Business owners need to have a concise message for their prospects. Here is a list my team and I use before picking up the phone, so we’re more confident and prepared:

1. Have a list of 10-20 people you are trying to reach before you sit down to call. Searching for the next number you need between calls slows the process and reduces momentum.

2. Have a short Value Statement (or “elevator pitch”) written to explain your product or service. I recommend no more than 2 sentences.

3. Have a clear reason for calling and incorporate that into a script. A script should be just a few sentences, free of jargon, communicating who you are, what you do, and why you’re calling. We recommend asking for a short phone meeting to discuss whether or not working together would be mutually beneficial. A script doesn’t make you a makes you prepared!

4. Be ready to suggest dates and times for the meeting that will work for you. This makes it easy for your potential client to see what works for them.

When you’re prepared for calling, you’re ready to speak to a person or leave a voicemail. The fact that your communication is brief and clear creates the best case scenario for having your prospects’ attention. Use the same message, vary the wording slightly, and keep trying to reach your prospect. Because most people give up trying to reach someone after only one or two times, just a few more well-timed calls will also set you apart from your competition. Don’t give up too soon!

I coach business owners to become the kind of people who reach new clients with dignity and integrity without feeling pushy. We work through every aspect of the sales cycle focusing on the Tools, Beliefs, and Habits that make us the best business owners we can be. For more information, visit